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What We Offer

At St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School Bowral, we endeavour to create a supportive learning environment that encourages and develops lifelong learners.

We provide a safe and welcoming learning environment where your child will be well-known and valued for their unique qualities, gifts and achievements.

Our students are encouraged to think, make choices and take responsibility for their learning and behaviour. We develop in them, the skills and attitudes that foster cooperation with others, respect for themselves and the opportunity to attain their academic potential.

Our aim is that when students leave our school, they have a positive sense of community, an appreciation of themselves as valuable people, respect for other people and the world in which they live, and a range of opportunities.

Growing up and learning in a Catholic community based on Gospel values

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With Christ as our model, we aim to provide a quality education in a welcoming, life-giving and authentic Catholic community. We strive to live out our motto of ‘Truth Conquers’ in all we do.

Our school expresses and gives witness to its Catholic identity, through a rich liturgical and prayer life which are central to all aspects of our school.

These gospel values are key to all interactions with staff, students and the community and demonstrate our love of Christ, neighbour and the environment.

A leadership role in developing our Catholic culture is our Liturgy Group, who share their gifts and talents to provide sacred music for school and parish liturgies.

St Thomas Aquinas School has a strong connection and active involvement in our parish of Corpus Christi, under the guidance of our parish priest, Father Sean Cullen.

The religious life of our school immerses students in the Catholic tradition and provides students with:

  • opportunities to know, understand and celebrate our Catholic faith
  • a thorough Religious Education curriculum
  • social outreach activities and opportunities

Quality teaching and learning

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In line with our vision and mission, St Thomas Aquinas school provides a dynamic, student-centred education that inspires students to be enthusiastic, lifelong learners.

Our quality teaching and learning experiences are designed to meet the individual needs of all students so that students may reach their full potential.

At St Thomas Aquinas, we offer:

  • High-quality teaching and learning programs
  • Differentiated learning experiences
  • Use of data to inform teaching
  • Regular assessment and monitoring of student learning
  • K-6 phonics and spelling program
  • Research-based literacy intervention
  • Individualised learning programs
  • A specialised music program

Positive relationships

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We believe that in order for students to achieve their potential they must have social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

We are committed to creating a caring, safe and supportive environment, so that all individuals, including those with special and diverse needs, feel valued, respected and encouraged to achieve their potential.

We promote positive behaviours and encourage students to be responsible for their personal decisions and actions.

We prioritise student’s social development through our Positive Behaviours for Learning (PB4L) program. Behaviour expectations for all students are explicitly and regularly taught with an emphasis on building positive and respectful relationships. This results in school-wide, classroom and individual systems of support to improve students’ academic and social outcomes.

Starting big school? Students new to Kindergarten are able to join in our Transition to Kindergarten playgroup program. The sessions are run in October and November before the children start school. Play-based learning continues into the Kindergarten program of learning. Kindergarten students are also supported by their buddies in Year 6.

Technology and innovation

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Technology is embraced and integrated in all areas of our learning at St Thomas Aquinas.

Our students are taught to use technology responsibly and we promote technological literacy and student innovation.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 4 use a range of technology in the classrooms including iPads, interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs and robotics.

Students in Years 5 and 6 are involved in our BYODD 1:1 iPad program using Google Apps for Education, including Google Classroom and many other creative apps to enhance learning.

All students enjoy learning experiences in coding and STEM as well as participating in our extensive Digital Citizenship program each year.

Using technology in the classroom enables our students to develop skills essential for the 21st century and provides great opportunities for making learning more effective for everyone with different needs.

Dedicated staff

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The staff at St Thomas Aquinas are experienced, dedicated and passionate educators who support each and every students’ learning journey whilst at the same time, getting to know each student personally.

Our staff work in collaboration with each other, and with our families, to provide learning experiences that meet the needs of all learners. We prioritise every students’ social, emotional and academic wellbeing.

In addition to our classroom teachers, we have a dedicated Music teacher, a specific Teacher/Librarian, a Technology Coordinator and an Instructional Coach.

Empowering student leadership

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All Year 6 students have a leadership role within the school.

Students are able to choose what committee they wanted to be part of. These committees include resource management, social justice, playground, hospitality and sports and environment.

At the end of Year 5, students participate in a leadership day and for the first time, Year 6 students took part in a year-long leadership program where they were taught about the important traits of a leader.

Inviting multi-purpose playground area

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Our picturesque playground area at St Thomas Aquinas is an inviting space where students are both engaged and safe. Beautiful trees are scattered across our playground providing plentiful shade and beautiful spots to sit.

There is something on offer for everyone including:

  • Handball courts
  • Two cricket nets
  • Two basketball courts
  • Grassed area for soccer or touch football
  • All-purpose synthetic grass areas
  • Seated area for quiet play
  • Large undercover area for eating with Lego tables and car mats
  • Large sandpit
  • Climbing frame in the primary area
  • Playground climbing equipment in the infants area
  • Indoor Club two days per week for quiet games and activities
  • Large interactive play equipment – eg: Chess, Draughts, Connect 4

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