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Student Welfare

square kindyStudent welfare is an area of great importance and structures are in place to care for our students.  The school buddy system has been in place for many years and continues to provide guidance, friendship and support for students.  It has been particularly useful in helping Kindergarten students settle into the routine of school life.  This program promotes a sense of responsibility in the older children, as well as offering parents peace of mind, knowing their child has had a special friend watching out for their child.

Counselling for children and their families is also available from CatholicCare Catholic Family Welfare Services. A school counsellor visits the school regularly for individual sessions as well as advising and supporting staff on appropriate programs for small groups and classes.

If a staff member or parent feels that counselling may help a student they need to discuss this with the principal who may discuss this with the counsellor and/or parent and arrange the appropriate permission forms and questionnaires to be completed by parents and staff.