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The Use of ICT at St Thomas Aquinas

square itAt St Thomas Aquinas we use and promote new and emerging technologies to support and enrich student learning. A wide range of technology is used to help develop 21st century learning skills in all students. As with all Wollongong Diocese schools we typically use Apple products.

We are now a 1:1 iPad school in Years 5 and 6. Each student brings their own iPad each day to support their learning. iPads and Macbook laptops are utilised across the school to enhance and support learning in various Key Learning Areas. They are used by students to develop the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication and creativity. All other classrooms have 6 iPads and a number of laptops on hand and an additional number of each are also available to be borrowed from the iCentre. They are used for such activities as Mathematics, Literacy or other assorted Apps that support learning. 

STA has 6 Interactive whiteboards (Smartboards). They are utilised in a number of classrooms as well as in the iCentre. The interactive whiteboards are used to introduce new concepts, consolidate learning and support learning intervention.

All students and parents are given a Technology Agreement form to sign in order to use technology in our school. This form also gives permission to use the internet and allow photos to be used on our school website and/or local media.