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Student Leadership

St Thomas Aquinas school is committed to the continued development of leadership skills for all students in year six.

Through the establishment of committees we have enabled all students to take an active role in the student leadership of the school by contributing in a particular area of interest.

Committees will be formed in the following areas and are all of equal status:

  • Social Justice
  • Hospitality
  • House Leaders
  • Library
  • Music/Art
  • Environment
  • Technology

Students are invited to nominate to be a member of each committee and are asked to commit to contributing to the aims and objectives of the group which is in line with the school Vision and Mission statement.

It is proposed that each group be kept to a maximum of 8-10 members and where there are more nominations for a committee staff and year 6 students will be called on to vote for the membership.


The following are the expectations which will come with being a member of the leadership committees at St Thomas Aquinas.

Students will:

  • Assist the teachers and staff in maintaining the rules and regulations of the school
  • Be involved wherever possible in the life of the school including attendance at Anzac day, school and Parish Liturgies and other school activities
  • Be an example in all ways to the other students in the school by the way they wear their school uniform and treat others in then school.
  • Be an active and committed member of the committee.
  • Not be expected to be out of class time to perform any committee responsibilities.