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square enrichmentMeeting the needs of all students

The Inquiry approach to learning and the strategies provided by David Langford’s Quality Learning model are being implemented at St Thomas Aquinas School. This approach is allowing students to be engaged in their own learning and offering a differentiated curriculum that caters for the diverse needs of learners.

The Enrichment Team and School Support Officers assist teachers in catering for the range of abilities within each classroom. Review meetings provide opportunities to identify students with difficulties and Individual Program Meetings provide for planning and programming of appropriate strategies. Students are assessed, supported and monitored as they move through the different grades.

Support is one-to-one, in small groups or with additional support teachers assisting in the classrooms. Strategies are adjusted to meet the needs of students. Parents are involved in the process of supporting students with additional learning needs and a team approach is encouraged.

Expanding Learning Opportunities

St Thomas Aquinas offers a broad range of opportunities that cater for all students. Competitions include the University of NSW in the areas of English and Mathematics and are open to students from Years 3-6. The local and Diocesan Debating Competitions and Public Speaking involve many of our Primary students. Kindergarten to Year 6 students have the opportunity to enter Art Competitions in local and diocesan events. Gifted and Talented students in Years 5 and 6 are involved in academic gala days.

Students are offered a wide variety of musical opportunities, including instrumental groups, choirs and a liturgy group, that contribute significantly to our parish and sacramental life.

Sport is well catered for at St Thomas Aquinas with school, local, diocesan and state competitions available to students. There are opportunities to participate in non- competitive gala days and sporting groups have offered clinics in a wide range of activities including tennis, AFL, and cricket.