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Religious Literacy Assessment

This Assessment of Religious Literacy project is part of a larger collaborative initiative, Partners in Learning, which has been established between the Catholic Education Office, Wollongong and Australian Catholic University (ACU).

One goal of this project is for ACU to assist the Diocese and schools in telling the story regarding learning and assessment in the area of Religious Education in primary schools.

An important element of the partnership is that parents, teachers, clergy and other groups will be involved in documenting and sharing the good news about students' learning in this very important key learning area and telling the story on a continuing basis.

Being religiously literate requires children leaving a Catholic primary school to be able to communicate with and be at home in Catholic society and religion in general. Thus assessment of religious literacy will focus on students’ knowledge and understanding of the key concepts that are being addressed by the Religious Education program and the ability of the children to communicate with their religious tradition.

  • Part A is to be administered to all Year 4 students across the Diocese on Monday, 27 August 2012.
  • Part B the Extended Task is to be completed during class time as part of the Year 4 Unit 4.5 Mary Mother of God, First Among The Saints.